Iconoclasm - new album by the Swedish death metal band SYN:DROM

ICONOCLASM is the highly anticipated second album by the Swedish death metal band SYN:DROM and the follow-up of their 2009 debut "With flesh unbound".

The album includes 10 tracks of furious death metal and is the result of over a year of hard work and a proof of great songwriting skills and musicianship.

The band members Jonny Pettersson (vocals), David Karlsson (guitar), Roger Bergsten (Guitar), Daniel Åsén (Bass) and Daniel Mikaelsson (Drums) entered Nevo Studios in Sundsvall Sweden in March 2012 to start the recordings for ICONOCLASM. Throughout the process the sessions took place at Nevo Studios and the rehearsal studio.

The production is made by the band members themselves including all recording sessions, mix and the final master. The mix was made at Nevo Studios by Roger Bergsten and Daniel Mikaelsson. The master was made by Roger Bergsten.

The songs on this album are more dynamic than on "With flesh unbound". There are new dimensions added to the songs and the fact that we have evolved as songwriters since then resulted into a killer album that will blow your mind. It has everything from very fast blast beats and sick guitar parts to heavier ground shaking pieces. Still the main focus is bone-crushing death metal as it should be. All in all ICONOCLASM comes with a nosebleed guarantee! - says Jonny Pettersson, lead singer in SYN:DROM

The artwork for ICONOCLASM is made by Pär Olofsson, one of the most talented artist out there.

We had Pär in mind for "With flesh unbound" as well, but it didn’t work out that time. We are extremely pleased with the work he has put in to it and it came out exactly as we wanted it to be from the start. It´s a classic already! - says Daniel Mikaelsson, drummer in SYN:DROM

This beast will set the standard for death metal in 2013! - says Thomas Hörnkvist, Vicisolum Productions

ICONOCLASM is to be released worldwide on February 15th 2013 by the Swedish label Vicisolum Productions.

More information

For more information about SYN:DROM please visit the official website at www.syndromweb.net.

You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and listen to our debut album "With flesh unbound" via Spotify or iTunes.


"Black Dawn" from the upcoming album Iconoclasm, directed and edited by Håkan Sjöström.